In partnership with Merced College, the Workforce Readiness Training Program is designed to prepare students for the demands of our business community and the 21st Century Workforce. These courses will focus on self-awareness, evaluating career opportunities, the importance of essential skills, and expectations that Employers are seeking within job applicants.

Course Content Includes:

Workforce Services

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Merced County Career and Technical Education

Diversability Merced County

Workforce Services Workshops

Free Online Assessments

California Career Zone Assessment

Equus Workforce Solutions

Career Coach Assessment

Minnesota State Career Cluster Interest Survey

Career One Stop Interest Assessment

O-Net Interest Profiler

Career One Stop Skills Matcher


Discover Your Personality Type

Virginia Education Wizard

Work Experience Inventory (PDF)

Career Exploration

Career Classes

Career Exploration Videos

Job Searching

Find A Local Job


Resume/Letter Tips


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Why Resume Optimization Matters

The more effectively you can tailor your resume for a specific job, the better your chances are. Generic resumes are a dime a dozen and unlikely to do well in an applicant tracking system (also known as an ATS). Using Jobscan, you can easily optimize your resume against any job description and make yourself a top candidate.

Interviewing Tips

Use This Guide to Help With Your Next Interview