Pre-Employment Awareness

*This page reviews information from our existing workshops. It does not include all instructional materials and should be used as a resource page throughout the program.

Section Summary

  • Materials on all 5 pre-employment topics will be available online.
  • Students must read each lesson for further comprehension.
  • Students must do any required research and exploration needed to move forward in their action plan.


  • Self Discovery- Where do I go from here? Using my abilities to move forward

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    Self Discovery Handouts (5) FILLABLE

  • Assessments: Who am I? Getting to know my professional self 

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    Yale Office of Career Strategy

    Values, Interests, and Skills Worksheet

    Developed by Yale’s Office of Career Strategy Advisors, this worksheet will guide you through the identification of your values, interests, and skills and how they relate to sectors, industries, and job functions.  Sample language is also provided to help students as they prepare to speak with others about their interests and career-related plans. After you identify your values, interests, and skills, the worksheet then offers next steps you can take in the career exploration process.

  • Career Exploration: What’s out there? Fitting my interests and needs 

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    Career Exploration – Action Plan FILLABLE

  • Job Searching: What opportunities are available?The key to researching and navigating the job market

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  • Resume Building: Why is important? Creating the best portrait for employers to see your abilities

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Pre-Employment Awareness Practice Test

Are you ready to see if you understand the Pre-Employement process? Click the practice test below and see if you can score an 90% or higher.

Pre-Employment Awareness Practice Test

Pre-Employment Awareness Practice Test

During this 3-hour workshop, students will need to be able to discuss their Career Report through an interview. Areas that should be researched and covered are:


  1. Discuss their Skills, What’s Important in a Job, Education and Experience, R.E.A.L. Goals, Identify Barriers.

  2. Review Keirsey Report.

  3. Discover what jobs are available in our area.

  4. Know the minimum requirements and job market outlook for these positions.

  5. Understand the importance of Company RESEARCH and knowing the specific trends in their industry/sector.

  6. Create an Action Plan.

  7. Complete a Resume.

  8. Understand how to APPLY for these jobs.

Career Interview Questions