Class 020:
MCOE Construction MC3 Apprenticeship Readiness Program

Professional Career Development Schedule:

Location: MCOE Culinary Essentials 

The following workshops will help guide participants with 21st Century Employability SkillsPre-Employment AwarenessEmployer Expectations, Job Retention, and best practices for Interviewing for a position.

  • Initiative


    What is initiative? When individuals show initiative, they do things without being told. They find out what they need to know, identify and take advantage of opportunities that others let pass by. They act, instead of react.


    1. Watch: What is Initiative (2m 22s)

    2. Watch Individual LinkedIn Learning Videos

    *Must be logged into LinkedIn Learning Account

    3. Watch: Success at Work – TAKING THE INITIATIVE AT WORK (3m 58s)


    1. Give an example when you took the initiative at school and/or work. What was the situation and the setting? Were you in a group or did you move forward as an individual? What were the outcomes or results?

    2. What are consequences if individuals are passive and/or reactive in the workforce?

    3. What are potential rewards you may benefit when you take the initiative at work?

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  • Class Activity
    • 1. Your supervisor is going to be out of town for the next couple of days and has left you in charge. What actions will you take once you been assigned these responsibilities?
    • 2. You are interested in working on the side to make additional income. You have been asked to bake a birthday cake for a potential client. What steps would you take next?