Big Interview


Big Interview is an online training system that features a new and innovative way to help job seekers prepare more effectively for a job interview.

This system combines training AND practice to help improve interview techniques and build confidence.

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Section summary

  • Entire curriculum is available online.
  • Students will need to watch the entire “Fast Track” Interviewing Training videos (about an hour and a half of content spread out in 16 videos).
  • Students will need to review and understand how to successfully answer all questions in their 5 homework assignments (about 50 questions).
  • Students will need to watch the entire “First 90 days” videos.

Big interview Practice Tests

Are you ready to test your knowledge on the Big Interview curriculum? Take the practice test below and see if you can pass each one with an 90% or higher.

Practice Tests:

  1. “Fast Track” Interviewing Training Comprehension Practice Test
  2. “First 90 Days” Comprehension Practice Test

Homework Assignments

To be better prepared for your next interview, you have to be proactive. Review the homework assignments below and create answers to these questions. Once you feel confident and are ready, take the opportunity to video yourself and record your answers. Give yourself feedback and see if you can become even more comfortable and confident when you communicate.

*You must have a Big Interview account to access these questions.

Homework Assignment Codes:

  1. 6c83ce

  2. 348039

  3. 38eec3

  4. 0be17f

  5. d3514e


Homework Assignments

Interviewing and First 90-days

This 3-hour workshop will be an interactive, fast paced environment where students will engage and practice with others to develop the skills needed to be successful in a job interview.


  1. Students must be ready to participate in presentations and class mock interviews.
  2. Have prepared and practiced their “Elevator Pitch”.
  3. Have prepared and practiced at least three “Behavioral Stories”.
  4. Review FINAL Interview Questions and be prepared to answer in a professional manner.
  5. Understand the importance of your first 90-days on the job: